Areas of Success

Wealth-building and economic freedom are not the domain of just one area. While CEEM focuses on supporting, educating, and investing in Black entrepreneurs, our members come from all walks of life.  

If you’re passionate about uniting for the collective financial advancement of African Americans, consider joining one of CEEM’s areas of success to get started.

Churches and Religious organizations of CEEM come together to impact the socioeconomic outcomes of the black community.
Esteves, Dr. Chris,
CEEM Founder,
Sr. Pastor, Lifeway Church

Those who teach and serve in primary or secondary education. Dr. Judy White,
Education Champion
Superintendent, Riverside County School District (Elected)

For those employed in the field of keeping other safe and going above and beyond the call of duty. Dr. Len Cooper
Business Champion
Entrepreneur - Owns 9 insurance brokerages

For those who work for the government at any level. Cheryl Brown
Government Champion
Publisher & Activist, former CA State Assemblywoman

For those who make a significant impact in the community by affiliation with Community Based organizations.
Dr. Samuel Gibbs
Community Organizations Champion
Chief Compliance Officer, OmniTrans

For those successful individuals who have made an impact in the Higher Education community. Dr. Brian Haynes
Higher Education Champion
California State University, San Bernardino Vice President for Student Affairs

For those employed in the field of keeping others safe and going above and beyond the call of duty.
Public Safety Champion

For those employed in the field of keeping others in good health.
Dr. Wesly Curry,
Medical Professional Champion

For those associated with the military.
Theron Jones
Military Champion
Retired Colonel, Education Administrator

For those who manage or work for a not-for-profit organizaiton.
Linda Jackson
Not-For-Profit Champion
CEO, NID IE (HUD Housing Counsellor, provides financial education)

For those who make living in the personal and beauty services.

For those employed in professional services such as attorney or accountaint.
Jendayi Saada
Professional Services Champion
Dean, University of La Verne School of Law

For those young people under the age of 40 who have made a significant impact in their professional careers.
Johnathan Buffong
Young Professionals Champion
Operates IE High School Black Grad