Our Core Values

    Our power is in our unity. Members are owners and everybody is equal. CEEM Members have an equal voice (one vote) in the decision-making process.


   CEEM uses the exemplary leadership of the Civil Rights Movement to educate and encourage dedication to community, drive results on our behalf


   Focused awareness and promotion of our community drives success. CEEM is an advocate for economic wealth and progress of African-Americans.
Our strategic direction advances and empowers current and future generations to keep the collective wealth within the communities we serve.


   Our word is our bond! CEEM members operate with integrity, trust, and respect. Integrity in our business dealings, valuing the trust of our community, and operating with a respect for all.  These are time-honored values reinforced by CEEM that enable success for the collective and most importantly the advancement of our community.


CEEM expands members’ business opportunities in the African-American consumer market by leveraging the collective to support our member businesses. This results in collective economic prosperity that turns dollars over more frequently by providing widely distributed economic benefits.
Providing a refund of the profit that is proportionate to how much you spend in CEEM owned or incubated businesses.