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CEEM Membership has allowed me to empower the black community. We can work together to empower the black business community and CEEM is a platform for us to do that. It's about uniting in our efforts and making our community everything it can be.

 Kyle Webb, Charter Member, CEEM CEO
  • 367 members strong

Open to all residents of California who are willing to make contributions in our efforts to promote wealth of African Americans.
Membership cost is $100 per person.

The benefits of a CEEM membership are:
  • Early access to business opportunities
  • Discounts on CEEM affiliated business purchases
  • Access to  CEEM network of Professionals
  • Access to training of business and professional development skills
  • May have additional cost for training
  • Distributions of exponential profits from CEEM
  • Based on Usuage of Member businesses during the course of one year

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